Started at 2018 A.D as a food blog to enlighten rich Nepalese culinary cultures , Nepali Khanki ,  a native Nepali restaurant located at Lakeside , a vibrant tourist hub in Pokhara ,  was established at Jan 2020 , with a parallel vision to promote Visit Nepal 2020 , uplifting our authentic Nepalese folk recipes . Even though our ethnic Nepalese food delicacies also seems to be as one of the indispensable pillars of Nepal’s identity, our entire Nepali cuisine   which holds the wealth of  “Chaurasi Byanjan “ , inscribed in Maanak Grantha Charak Samhita of Ayurveda , a grand feast consisting 84 distinct food and liqour varieties ,  is still dictated symbollically only with Daal Bhaat amidst world’s culinary cultures. Dating back to the origin of Nepalese cuisine which has a history that Thakali tribe of Mustang had served it’s rich taste to international visitors to Nepal at times when even before oil from Arab was yet not imported to Nepal , it reflects an absolute irony and startle of our country and all of us , in regard of Nepalese gastronomic heritage which infact has more than 600 disparate food recipes , it’s associated preparation methods and art which we are even unaware of their names to date  . At such critical time  when most of our immense Nepali food recipes are already being extinct and remaining which are about to disappear out of the blue , “Nepali Khanki” is a unique initiative and concept which strives for easy and efficient dispensation of information , marketing , promotion and commercialization of those Nepalese culinary delights at Post- COVID when  domestic tourism is the only possibility for Nepalese economy to bring back to life .