Among innumerable eateries inside Pokhara , Nepali Khanki distinguish itself with below mentioned distinct features and objectives.

1) Nepali Khanki has been promoting the consumption of nutritious food items produced in Nepal by disseminating upto date information on direct negative effects on human health by consumption of fast foods. While this invisible  Corona itself proved that food is the only and major source of human existence , we are determined to provide healthy, fresh, organic and nutritious food to consumers by ensuring food security, sustainability , availability, affordable accessibilty and protection of entire food ecosystem in upcoming financial epidemic of Nepal’s economy.

2) Since Nepali food requires only indigenous spices, ingredients and agricultural products, “Nepali Khanki” exposes farmers of Nepal , an agrarian country , to self-reliance in agriculture.

3) “Nepali Khanki”   is oriented  to exploration through research , documenting , updating  of  endemic  Nepalese food  recipes which has been consumed for centuries  to increase  knowledge, information, history and demand of  Nepalese  aboriginal food dishes among and within Nepalese  ultimately establishing  “ Food Tourism “  also as  one of the fundamental aspects of  entire tourism industry of  Nepal.

4) In bustling tourist center of Lakeside where restaurants serving Italian, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Continental, Indian cuisines are available on options with choice ,  “Nepali Khanki” is the only restaurant catering a wide range and variety of traditional Nepalese  food according to menu tailored  as per seasons ( summer and winter )  in a conventional dining settings , around resembling contemporary artifacts and within captivating ambiance .

5 ) As far as convenient, almost all the raw materials , ingredients and resources used in Nepali Khanki are MADE IN NEPAL to promote Nepalese products  . Beside , we serve and celebrate numerous Nepalese festivals celebrated according to religion, culture and traditions of Nepal , with folk dishes that have been consumed since time immemorial in that particular day .